10-hour GMAT Pack

Reach your GMAT potential with the help of Your Dream School

Package Overview

The Your Dream School Team has devised an unprecedented and proven method  to best prepare and support the students looking to take the GMAT exam.

Our preparation includes the following elements :

  • Evaluation of your initial level and recommendation of a personalized GMAT preparation plan
  • Individual coaching at home or remotely with a teacher who is an expert in the GMAT with a unique methodology which has been proven to work
  • Unlimited access to a preparation platform on your computer, tablet and mobile 24/7

Who is this Package for?

This pack is aimed at students at undergraduate or postgraduate level or professionals who want to apply for the MBA or Master in Management at business schools which require a high score in the GMAT.

The Your Dream School Method

Individual sessions with an Inspiring Tutor

Each student is advised by a Mentor who plays the role of advisor, coach and tutor.

A bespoke method for each student

While our track record is consistent, our method is neither rigid, nor formulaic. Our coaching is tailored to the individual needs of each student.

Absolute flexibility in coaching

Our coaching can be done entirely remotely. This allows students to be in contact with the best tutors no matter where they live.

An international team dedicated to your success

Our team guides you at every step and answers all your questions on a daily basis.

What are the contents and objectives of this package?

What is the price of the package?


10 hours