How to get in to the best European Business Schools for your Bachelor’s Degree (IE, ESADE, Bocconi, ESCP Europe…)?

Business schools have understood this well. The international and the intercultural are therefore at the heart...

Business schools have understood this well. The international and the intercultural are therefore at the heart of the business concerns of the enterprises. The future graduates must be ready to handle an economy which crosses national borders and be capable of adapting to an environment in constant evolution.

Master multiple languages, manage financial resources but first and foremost human resources, learn how to argue and persuade, comprehend the inherent mechanisms of the world of entrepreneurship … A vast program meticulously developed by Business Schools like Bocconi University, IE Madrid or ESADE.

Back to the most prestigious Bachelor of Business School courses in Europe.

Bocconi University

Bocconi University: A Century of Academic Excellence

Bocconi’s reputation for excellence is widely renowned. Founded more than a century ago, this business school attracts nearly 2000 international students per year and actively participates in an international exchange program. It currently occupies the  10th place worldwide in the “studies of Business and Management” category according to the classification of the QS World University Rankings of 2018. It is considered to be like the equivalent of the HEC Paris in Italy.

Courses :

Bocconi University is a cosmopolitan establishment which welcomes students from all over the world for Bachelor, Master or Doctorate courses

You will learn how to handle management tools inherent in international level enterprises, based on constantly evolving economic systems.

The course is based upon a solid and complete education in economics and management, with a predominant international aspect, indispensable in this professional sector.

The classes offered allow you to learn about the issues and consequences of globalisation and to comprehend the impact of international relations on the global economic market.

A number of courses will be offered in English, but you will also have the opportunity to learn another language like Italian or Mandarin.

Selection Process:

Bocconi University has its own online application platform on which you must upload your admission application. This must contain your school report cards from the lycée, your CV accompanied by a cover letter written in English as well as your scores from either IELTS or TOEFL. You must also sit Bocconi’s own entrance examinationor present your results obtained at the SAT or at the ACT.

Discover our tips for writing a good CV in English or writing your  cover letter in English.

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ESADE: Build a better world

ESADE Barcelona is one of the best  Business Schools in Europe. Third on the podium of management, world class (Masters category in Management, according to the QS World University Rankings en 2018), This Business School has always been faithful to a philosophy that puts the human at the heart of the matter. The objective? To create entrepreneurs who use ethics and strong values, who will found their company with the view to participating in the development of a better world.

The BBA program at ESADE :

Over the course of your Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA, you will benefit from theoretical and practical classes of a high level and will be in contact with skilled and passionate teachers.

You will carry out placements in internationally oriented companies in order to establish your knowledge and comprehension of how the world of entrepreneurship functions.

The BBA at ESADE will permit you access to privileged positions around the world, and numerous career opportunities will soon be available to you.

More than one hundred different nationalities  meet every day in this cosmopolitan Business School. A unique opportunity to weave a network of international connections.

Selection Process:

ESADE Barcelona is a Business School that attentively selects its students. You should compose an admission application comprising your application form , suitably completed, your school report card, as well as your IELTS or TOEFL score. You should also undergo this Business School’s entrance examination or present your results obtained at the SAT or ACT.

Do not hesitate to consult our articles about IELTS and TOEFL to learn more about these standardized tests.

To find out more about  ESADE, you can also consult the profile that we have created about it.

ESADE Barcelona
IE Madrid

IE Madrid: A private institution of high renown

Holding the sacred worldwide No.1 spot in the QS Distance Online MBA classification, IE University is a highly renowned private institution, offering diverse courses of Bachelor’s Degrees and the MBA, as well as the possibility of getting a double degree. This Business School attracts hundreds of students from all over the world every year, hoping to benefit from a quality education in comfortable and modern facilities.


IE University and its Business School offer university courses based on the entrepreneurial character and the practical experience of its students.

Accredited by AACS, AMBA  EQUIS, this Business School offers an education of excellence driven by a unique pedagogy, stimulating and dynamic.

 IE University (IEU)’s BBA programs were designed with the goal of allowing young graduates to quickly integrate themselves into the work market and to solidify their professional amibitions.

You will evolve in an environment suited to dialogue and learning and you will acquire the connections and necessary skills for your entry into the international market.

IEU shines a spotlight on technological innovation and international mobility, things which they consider to be indispensable to undertake and cultivate a career, notably in the complex world of business.

Selection Process:

Because it aims for excellence, IE Madrid is a very selective university. The applicants must undergo an entrance examination specific to this Business School, or present their SAT, ACT or LNAT score. You can alternatively add to your application, your  IELTS or TOEFL resultsYou must pass multiple stages of selection which will necessitate the writing of essays an the completion of one-on-one video interviews and personality assessment interviews.

To find out more about IE, you can also consult the profile that we have created about it.

ESCP Europebroaden your horizons

Widely reputed for their “Grande Ecole” program in France, ESCP Europe advocates for interdisciplinarity and therefore participates in the education of bosses of the new generation enterprises, possessed of a solid intellectual background and capable of dealing with issues that are becoming increasingly specialized.

Bachelor’s Course in Management :

The Bachelor’s Degree in Management (BSc) of ESCP Europe is a relatively recent program but one of a high level which combines learning about management and social sciences with the acquisition of multiple languages.

Over the course of your three years of the BSc, you will be brought to pursue your studies in three different countries within ESCP Europe’s international campuses (London, Paris, Turin, Berlin, Madrid). You will profit from an education structured based upon the common values of academic excellence unique to ESCP Europe

ESCP Europe possesses a large network of enterprises and institutions from all over the world, therefore offering students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with international management and the certainty of mastering three languages by the end of the syllabus.

ESCP Europe’s Bachelor’s Degree in Management (BSc) offers a high quality education which connects the theory to the practical and stimulates the students’ spoken skills through tutorials and workshops.

Selection Process:

The admissions process to ESCP Europe is carried out in two stages.

Firstly, you must fill out an admissions application en ligne and supply your school report card, the scores you obtained in a standardised test like IELTS or TOEFL, a cover letter in English, the contact details of a teacher and to finish, a photocopy of your passport or identity card.

If your application is chosen by the admissions committee, you will be called up to take an entrance examination in this Business School.

If you are contemplating applying to one of these Business courses, discover the ways in which Your Dream School can mentor you.

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ESCP Europe

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